As we continue to navigate the current COVID-19 pandemic, we want to share some good news that will help you feel safer about visiting the dentist. A study by the American Dental Association (ADA) found that the COVID-19 rate among dentists is less than 1%! That is great news!

What does this mean?

Knowing that the rate of COVID-19 in a dental office is so low means great things for dentists and patients. It means that the heightened infection control and increased attention to safety that dentists and their teams are doing is working. 

This is great news because the dental industry went from being named one of the most at-risk professions for infection to the lowest prevalence of infection compared to other health professions. As dentists, we take this issue extremely seriously and we are thrilled that there is now proof showing just how important our work is.

The ADA study

Of the more than 2 thousand dentists who responded to a survey from the ADA, only 20 had a confirmed or probable COVID-19 infection. Dentists from all states and Puerto Rico participated in this survey. Weighing the results, 0.9% were estimated to have a confirmed or probable COVID-19 infection. 

Understanding the risks that are associated with COVID-19 transmission in the dental setting is vital for ensuring everyone is safe–from our patients to our dental team. This study actually brings us even closer to ensuring safety and showing just how safe it is at the dentist’s office. 

We continue to follow guidance from the ADA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Together, the ADA and CDC recommend the highest level of personal protective equipment available, including masks, goggles and face shields. To minimize aerosols, the ADA also recommends using rubber dams and high-velocity suction whenever possible. 

In fact, what is even more remarkable is that the ADA found that 99.7% of the dentists who were surveyed had implemented enhanced infection prevention and control procedures. That includes disinfecting all equipment and surfaces that are commonly touched, checking staff and patient temperatures, and providing face masks to our teams. It is great to see just how much dentistry is doing to ensure the safety of everyone.

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