As dentists we have learned of something new that has come from the COVID-19 pandemic: Mask mouth. This phrase refers to a range of symptoms associated with wearing a face mask around your mouth for long periods of time. While it is not an official diagnosis, it does describe oral health problems that have resulted from wearing a mask. But there are ways to prevent mask mouth. Let’s take a look at how you can avoid mask mouth while protecting yourself.

Reduce amount of time wearing a mask

One of the most effective ways to prevent mask mouth is to limit the amount of time you are wearing a mask. This doesn’t mean stop wearing masks in public, it means trying to go out less. 

It also means avoiding contact with other people who aren’t members of your household and working from home if possible. By not needing to wear a mask you can dramatically reduce your chances of developing mask mouth. 

Take regular breaks

If it is difficult to avoid wearing a mask, you should try to take regular breaks to get some fresh air throughout the day. When you don’t have to wear a mask, take it off and breathe in the fresh air to refresh your mouth. 

Wearing a mask is not necessary if you’re outside and far away from other people. That means when you are outside, you should take off your mask and enjoy the air until you have to wear a mask again.

Improve your oral hygiene

A key step is to improve your oral hygiene routine. This will help you to deal with any symptoms that you might notice. That means try to brush your teeth more often while also flossing your teeth after every meal.

Additionally, make sure that your teeth are clean by visiting your dentist and getting a professional cleaning at least twice a year.

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