So many people wish for a perfect smile because it is one of the first things people notice about you. It also distinguishes your character, which makes it important to achieve a healthy smile. And you’re in luck! With technology and other enhancements, it is possible to eliminate some of those natural flaws that can lead to a discolored smile. One is with laser teeth whitening, which is a popular procedure for everyone. If you are on the fence about this procedure, here are X benefits of laser whitening you can expect. 

It’s non-invasive

That’s right! There are no additional equipment or appliances used that can cause irritation or bleeding gums. There are also no after effects of laser whitening because it is a safe, gentle procedure that is completed with expert supervision at Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry. Over the counter bleaching products used at home can be too abrasive and can cause damage to the enamel. This is why laser whitening in our office is a better option.

You can see immediate results

In as little as one session with Dr. Sara and her team, you can see a visible difference in the appearance of your teeth. Your teeth will be several shades whiter than its previous yellow color. And, in very extreme cases of teeth stains, multiple sessions might be required, but you will begin to notice those changes instantly.

It has long-lasting effects

Laser whitening provides longevity of whitening effects that can last for years. While it does depend on your daily oral care routine, you will see long-lasting results. It is recommended that you brush your teeth twice daily and use mouthwash to prevent plaque from reappearing and to keep stains at bay. This will help lead to longevity of results from laser teeth whitening. 

It’s safe

When getting laser teeth whitening, it is important to know that it is a completely safe procedure. This is because precautions are taken by Dr. Sara and her team, such as rubber shields for your gums and neutralizing gels. These help to ensure that your gums, mouth and tongue will not become affected by the procedure.

It increases your self confidence

When you look good, you feel good too. And if your smile is bright, it can be reflected in how you feel about yourself, which will lead to more confidence in front of other people. Laser whitening is a quick and relatively inexpensive way of boosting your confidence and self-esteem. 

Contact us at Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry to learn more about laser teeth whitening and to find out if you are a candidate.