If you or someone you know is in the market for new teeth, you have many options! From a single tooth replacement to a full arch replacement, you will find an option best suited for your needs. Whether you lost a tooth due to an accident, or your teeth aren’t in the greatest shape, dental implants can help!

Full Arch Replacement

A full arch replacement is when an entire jaw can be replaced. This is performed with fixed bridges and dental implants. With today’s technology, a small number of implants are needed to replace a large number of teeth. These bridges are stable enough to last a lifetime, unlike dentures. With a full arch replacement, you will feel like new! 

This procedure starts with the implants. Your dental surgeon will typically implant five posts into your jaw. These posts will stay in place for months to allow them to fully integrate into your natural jaw. After this, the bridge is placed. Your new teeth will smile, chew, and feel like real teeth! A full arch replacement is a long term solution that is both comfortable and reliable. 

Multiple Tooth Replacement

Similar to the full arch replacement, a multiple tooth replacement uses the implant/bridge approach. Depending on how many teeth are affected, a number of posts will be implanted into the jaw, and then a small set of teeth (bridge) will fit snug in between your natural teeth. 

Some people will opt for the removable dentures, but bridges are proven more effective and long-lasting. There are options, you just have to choose which works best for you and your situation!

Single Tooth Replacement

A single tooth replacement is a very quick one! Let’s say you just got hit in the mouth with a baseball, hey, it happens! Don’t fret, that front tooth can be replaced with no problem! One post will be implanted, with a single tooth bridge to fit over the top of it. Some people will opt for a single denture in this case as well, but a bridge will eliminate the everyday cleaning and replacing. 

Bridges and implants in general are a more popular choice because of the low maintenance. Once your bridge is implanted, you will treat it just as you would treat your regular teeth! The post acts as a natural root, keeping the teeth and jaw in good shape over time. No matter the size of the replacement, there are solutions! 

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