When looking at a person’s teeth, a dentist can often tell if they’re teeth of a 12-year-old or an adult. What gives it away is the presence of mamelons or rounded bumps on the edges of newly erupted teeth. But not all irregular edges are the result of mamelons. Some jagged teeth can be caused by chipping. If your teeth are jagged–whether a child or an adult–your dentist can help. Here’s how.

Fixing teeth in children

Mamelons will often become less noticeable as a child gets older. That means you might want to avoid any intervention until later. For that reason, it is important to speak with your dentist about the best course of action for your child. 

However, cosmetic dentists can help by adjusting the jagged teeth with two cosmetic approaches. The first is bonding, which is a process that involves applying a special resin to the child’s teeth. This helps to shape their teeth and correct irregularly shaped teeth and short teeth. Another option is contouring. Through contouring, a portion of the dental enamel is removed to shape and smooth the appearance of your child’s teeth. 

But if your child has an open bite occlusion, there are other treatments available to help. Treatments will depend on the underlying cause of an open bite. For instance, some people will have very short front teeth that don’t touch while others have alterations in their back teeth that keep them from touching. Some treatment options include:

  • Teeth bonding to promote tooth contact.
  • Orthodontic treatments, such as braces.
  • Reshaping the teeth so they meet. 
  • Extracting teeth.

Fixing teeth in adults

With adults, treatment options may look a little different. That is because jagged teeth in adults are the result of chipping related to trauma, wear and tear, and improper dental health. Adults must not ignore a cracked or chipped tooth because it can further weaken and expose the inner, soft layers of the tooth, resulting in pain, irritation and infection.

For treatments, adults can get bonding, a dental crown or veneers. These interventions can improve the cosmetic appearance of an adult’s teeth. To find the best solution, your dentist will evaluate your teeth and make appropriate recommendations that will improve and strengthen your teeth.

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