So much has changed since March 2020 when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. The world has forever changed because of this virus. One big change in particular has been the shift to telehealth. You may choose to conduct your medical appointment through telehealth, which can save you from going into the office. It is an easy and safe way to attend a medical appointment. But what about for dentistry? Well, there is something called teledentistry that you might want to keep in mind. Let’s take a look.

A look at AI technology and teledentistry

Even before the pandemic, there were underserved areas that did not receive the dental care they needed. But with teledentistry, we can change that. Teledentistry is actually advancing dental care in more affordable and effective ways, similar to telehealth.

This new artificial intelligence, or AI, technology that has begun to emerge takes on the form of self-monitoring mobile applications. These teledentistry services are exactly what dentistry needs to continue to care for patients across the country. They are affordable, effective and efficient for combating access to care issues. 

Here is how it works. Patients can take pictures of their teeth and gums. Those pictures are scanned to an app that identifies dental decay or gum disease and rates your oral health based on those results. This would give you a first look at your oral health status. In a sense, you could go into the dentist office with a better understanding of what is going on with your oral health before your dentist even takes a look.

Now, the pictures don’t just stay in the app and you ignore them. The information can actually be delivered to both you and your dentist, allowing for earlier detection of oral issues. It can also potentially result in less invasive treatment options since we would have captured a problem earlier.

Would you use an app like this? We’re curious about your thoughts. As these apps continue to get fine-tuned and created, don’t forget to schedule your dental appointment at Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry.