Are you noticing a sensitivity in your teeth every time you indulge in a sweet treat or drink? Too much sugar and not enough consistent oral hygiene can be detrimental to your teeth’s health. An overabundance of sugar can lead to many problems, so pay close attention to what you’re eating!

The most harmful sweets

Let’s face it, what’s a life without sweets? We would never ask you to completely cut out sweets, but maybe just be weary of your choice of sweet! Hard candies and cough drops are one of the sweets to avoid, since they remain in your mouth for long periods of time. This generates an acid overload for your teeth and gums. 

Sticky sweets should also be eaten in moderation. The tacky, hard, gummy substance can get stuck on the teeth, causing bacteria to grow and spread quickly, without you even knowing! You wouldn’t think this next item would be harmful, but think again. Orange juice! This drink is not only filled with sugar, but it’s highly acidic. It’s a double whammy for your mouth! Going along with this drink, carbonated soft drinks are highly acidic and full of sugar. 

Limit your consumption of these foods and drinks in particular to keep your teeth happy and healthy!

What does sugar do to your teeth?

Too much sugar can lead to enamel loss, which is not easy to repair. Sugary foods and drinks contain fermentable carbohydrates which leads to a harmful mixture of bacteria in your mouth, resulting in acid buildup and breakdown. When you lose the protection of enamel, your teeth become highly sensitive to sugar and temperature. 

Another result of too much sugar, the one word you hate hearing at the dentist, cavities! This is something we should all strive to avoid. The harmful bacteria caused by sugar, mixed with acidity, wears down on your enamel. Once that enamel is out of the way, bacteria has full access to your teeth, reaching the soft dentin inside. This leads to a painful, ever-growing, cavity. It is important to treat the cavity before it gets larger and more painful. 

Gingivitis is also a common result of too much sugar. Too much sugar leads to plaque, too much plaque leads to tartar, too much tartar leads to gum disease. It’s all connected! If you let one thing go, eventually the rest will follow. 

How to treat/prevent tooth sensitivity

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort when eating sugary foods/drinks, you may have a tooth sensitivity! There are options for you, don’t worry! Start out by changing your toothpaste to a sensitive-friendly brand. There are plenty out there, you are sure to find the right one for you! 

Visit your dentist. It is important to evaluate your teeth and see just how far into decay they may be. You don’t want to assume it’s no big deal, and then years later realize you now have irreversible damage. Avoid sugar and tobacco, two of the most harmful substances for your oral hygiene. Cutting these out or at least minimizing your consumption will help exponentially. Practice good oral hygiene habits! Keep up with your brushing and flossing, at least twice daily! A proper routine will ensure good oral health. Consistency is key! 

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