Part of your oral hygiene routine should be regular check-ups with your dentist. Just like your relationship with your physician, your relationship with your dentist is important too! Establishing this trust and familiarity is not only beneficial to your oral health, but your overall health as well. 

A learning experience

When you visit your dentist, you are accomplishing more than just a professional dental cleaning. During your cleaning, your dental hygienist has the perfect opportunity to let you know what you could improve upon in terms of your oral hygiene routine. Maybe you’re missing a spot while brushing, or your gums look like they could use a good flossing, your dental hygienist will be able to spot these issues and address them effectively. Perhaps you’re doing wonderfully with your brushing and flossing habits, then this is the opportunity for you to bask in your successes! 

A time for questions

During your visit, you have a chance to ask questions. If you’re having any issues with your teeth, gums, or overall oral function, now is the time to bring them to your dentist’s attention. Your dentist is trained in all aspects of oral health, and if there is an underlying issue that could benefit from an appointment with a specialist, your dentist will lead you in the right direction.

Are you having any pain or discomfort? Tell your dentist! They will perform a thorough exam to get to the root of your pain and find a solution to get you back to normal! 

A necessary cleaning

Think of a regular dental visit like a visit to your hair salon. You brush and wash your hair regularly to keep it clean and fresh, but without a haircut here and there, your hair would be outgrown and unhealthy. Similarly, without a regular dental visit, your teeth begin to crave a refresh. It is commonly recommended that you visit your dentist every 6 months for a check-up and cleaning.

Your dental appointments will take care of any build-up of tartar and plaque that may occur over time. This is plaque that a regular toothbrush will struggle to get rid of. Your regular dentist visits will keep your teeth healthy and on the right track. Your teeth deserve a little TLC from time to time! 

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