When we think of the dentist, we automatically think of teeth, right? Teeth are without a doubt the most important part of our oral health, but there is a sidekick that many tend to overlook or forget completely. Your gums! Keeping your gums healthy is a crucial part of your oral health. 

Why is gum health so important? 

Your gums act as a protector for your teeth and teeth bones. The gum line is strong enough to prevent bacteria created by food or drinks from seeping into your bones. Ensuring that your teeth and gums are healthy protects you from gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gingivitis, caused by excess plaque, is a silent killer.

Without any pain to alert you of this irritation, gingivitis can quickly turn into periodontal disease if left untreated. Periodontal disease can destroy your gums and bones, a very difficult condition to reverse. This disease can lead to other diseases throughout the body, the perfect proof to show that your overall health is directly affected by your oral health! 

How can you keep your gums healthy? 

Similar to keeping your teeth healthy, gum health is all part of a routine. As you may have guessed, flossing is an essential tool to ensure healthy gums. Flossing not only loosens any food debris stuck in between teeth, but it keeps plaque from forming on the gum line. As we learned above, too much plaque can lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease. With a regular flossing routine, your teeth and gums are sure to shine! 

Another step to healthy gums is brushing twice a day! Brushing regularly removes food and debris that can gather on the surface of your teeth and gums. Getting rid of this debris eliminates the risk of bacteria forming, leading to gingivitis. Keep your teeth and gums healthy, with a fresher smelling mouth as the cherry on top! 

What else can you do?

One of the most important things you can do for your gum health is schedule regular dental check-ups. Your dentist will perform an evaluation after a proper cleaning to inform you of any habits you need to either kick or create. Your pearly whites would be nothing without healthy gums! Make sure you keep both parties happy, and your oral health will thank you! 

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