As we approach the seventh month of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people continue to try to find ways to get back on track with their health and well-being. While a lot of data remains uncertain and unknown, we do know that it is vital that everyone practice dental prevention. Let’s take a closer look at why it is so important to take care of your oral health during the pandemic. 

Oral health may prevent severe outcomes

Research continues to be conducted around COVID-19 and how other conditions might impact outcomes. However, we do know that maintaining good oral health may prevent a severe course of the disease. 

Dentistry has a particularly important role to play in keeping the oral cavity healthy during the pandemic. In doing so, it helps to strengthen a person’s immunocompetence at the point of entry of the virus. It also helps to avoid infection and mitigate its course. 

Additionally, a healthy oral cavity acts as a barrier against many diseases. This may also be true for COVID-19. For instance, data has shown that where lack of oral hygiene causes diseases such as periodontal disease, there are more fatal cases of COVID-19. 

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It is very important that we all keep our oral health in mind throughout the pandemic and beyond. Similar to how we visit our primary care doctor or other specialists to maintain our overall health, we also need to pay attention to our oral health. It is connected to a lot more than you may realize. 

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