Smoking and vaping. The battle continues. Regardless of if you smoke or vape, it is important to quit. While the verdict is still out on exactly what harm vaping can do to your health, we do know that it can negatively impact your sleep. 

The popularity of e-cigarettes

Currently, electronic cigarettes are all the rage for teenagers and adults. Even some of the senior population can be found vaping. The use of e-cigs often seems like the cool thing to do because many believe that they are inhaling lower levels of nicotine.

However, anyway you look at it, vaping is not good for you. Even if you are consuming lower levels of nicotine, it is still in your system and that is not good.

The connection with sleep

Public health experts continue to express their concern over the use of vaping, or e-cigarettes. This is because there still remains a lack of research around the nicotine delivery system. There is also a lack of regulation of the ignition components and the nicotine-infused liquids that are heated to create the smoke or “vape.” 

One possible effect is on your sleep. In a recent study published using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, researchers found the correlation. The questionnaire asked participants about their electronic cigarette use, hours of sleep and other variables known to be associated with quality and quantity of sleep. 

For those who had never used an e-cigarette product, they were more likely to exhibit proper levels of sleep duration compared to those who did vape. In fact, electronic cigarette use was associated with higher odds of shorter sleep duration. 

Sleep duration is a major factor for proper body function and repair. That means the more you vape, the worse your sleep outcomes will be, which can harm your overall health and well-being.

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