If you’re someone who cringes at the sight or thought of someone biting into an ice cream cone with their teeth, you may struggle from teeth sensitivity! It’s quite a horrible, indescribable pain, and many Americans suffer from it! We see tons of commercials for toothpaste uniquely designed for people with sensitive teeth. But what exactly does it mean to have sensitive teeth? 

Tooth sensitivity defined

Tooth sensitivity is commonly experienced when extremely cold, hot, acidic, or super sweet foods and drinks are consumed. This sensitivity is not always present, as it can come and go depending on the severity of your case. Not everyone will experience sensitivity to all of these factors, some may experience just cold sensitivity, while others may be sensitive to more. 

The importance of enamel

There are many causes to tooth sensitivity, the most prominent cause being an exposed root. This can happen if the tooth enamel has eroded over time. Tooth enamel is an important part of the tooth as it protects the tooth as a whole and prevents decay. Without a strong enamel covering the tooth, the root can become exposed, and sensitivity can increase. 

Once the enamel is gone, it cannot be recovered. This is why your dentist will often urge you to cut back on sugary or acidic foods and drinks, as acid and sugar slowly breaks down the enamel over time. Keeping your enamel healthy and strong will prevent the decay, disease, and sensitivity. 

Is there a solution?

Let’s face it, what kind of life would we lead without ice cream? Rest assured, tooth sensitivity is not a death sentence to ice cream. To prevent tooth sensitivity from occurring in the first place, keep up with a healthy oral regime. Keep your teeth healthy, clean, and strong to avoid any erosion or decay that could potentially expose the root. If you are already experiencing tooth sensitivity, talk to your dentist about what treatment plan is best for you. 

For everyday treatment, your dentist may recommend a toothpaste made especially for individuals with tooth sensitivity. This toothpaste may contain higher levels of fluoride compared to other standard toothpastes to help prevent decay. Sensitivity toothpaste works to desensitize your teeth, saving you from the pain you may be experiencing. Your dentist may also recommend a fluoride gel or rinse that will strengthen and protect your teeth. 

Don’t miss out on ice cream! 

If you are having trouble with tooth sensitivity, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist for help. With many toothpastes and treatment plans available, you are sure to find a solution that fits you best. Take that trip to the ice cream shop, you deserve it. 

Contact Dr. Sara and her team at Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry to learn more about tooth sensitivity and the treatment plans available.