When looking to map out the mouth in preparation for improvements in the bite and smile, Dr. Sara might use the iTero® scanner. This device helps to find the exact position and location of the teeth and gums, and will typically be done by making impressions of the teeth. Without these impressions, it is not possible to create a proper treatment plan. 

How does the iTero scanner work?

The iTero scanner works by using digital technology to come up with a 3D diagram of the mouth. Using hundreds of focal points to come up with measurements in nearly every way imaginable, this becomes the blueprint by which the orthodontic product will be made. The scan is much more precise than traditional impressions. 

All information needed to develop the map of the mouth can be gathered in just a few minutes. This means you will spend less time in the chair than you would with more traditional methods, such as using liquid plaster for making a mold of the teeth and gums. 

Where is the information saved?

By using the scanner, the information that is gathered will be saved as a digital file on a computer. It will also be electronically sent to the lab that will make the products. Since the transmission can be taken instantly, time will be saved for everyone involved. The images are much more precise than what is achievable otherwise, which benefits the patient because the end product fits much better. 

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