When it comes to oral health, we are concerned with your teeth, gums and mouth. The key here is to prevent complications such as tooth decay and gum disease while maintaining the overall health of your mouth. That’s because a healthy mouth that is free of infections, injuries and other problems with teeth and gums is important for maintaining your overall health and well-being.

There’s a connection

While doctors care for your overall health and dentists focus on your oral health, they are both still part of your regular health care team. We know that disease and other conditions can affect your dental health. Additionally, dental health problems can affect other parts of your body. This connection is important to keep in mind. 

You can prevent or minimize oral health problems through preventive steps such as brushing, flossing and completing routine dental appointments. In turn, this can potentially prevent the development of overall health complications.

Pay attention to injuries to the mouth

When injuries occur to your mouth and teeth, it can lead to further complications. That is why it is important to make sure athletes–young and old–use properly fitting mouth guards, especially when playing contact sports. This is also important when engaging in activities where falls and blows to the mouth are possible. 

Establish oral health habits early

Dental health care should begin shortly after birth and continue for the rest of your life. These oral health habits should be established early for children under the direction of a parent. By setting kids up to be successful early on, you can ensure they are in the best health possible moving forward. 

Even if you have let dental problems develop over time, it is never too late to visit us at Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry.