We’ve talked about dental implants before, but it is important to understand what this treatment is and if you are a good candidate. While dental implants are an excellent way to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth that are missing, they are not for everyone.

Implants are a permanent alternative to dentures and bridges–depending on the individual patient. When deciding on dental implants for restoration of your smile, Dr. Sara will provide you with proper education while also discussing your options. There are many options for replacing missing teeth, but let’s take a closer look at dental implants.

Why get dental implants? To replace one or more missing teeth to create a natural-looking tooth to take its place. This is done without causing harm to the surrounding teeth and help to restore proper function to your mouth–from chewing to speaking. As a result, your quality of life is also improved and you will prevent further jaw joint issues from an “off bite.”

Full arch replacement is also available for patients who are missing all of their teeth on either of their arches. This treatment is followed by a hybrid denture, or an All-on-4 denture. This functions as a denture, but it is fixed to the denture like a bridge.

Multiple Tooth Replacement. For patients who are missing several teeth, implants are a great way to have a permanent solution that is able to be treated and used as a normal tooth. In these cases, a fixed bridge will attach to the implant.

Single Tooth Replacement. Single tooth replacement for patients is a great alternative to having bridges placed, where adjacent teeth are being destroyed. Single tooth implants have individual porcelain crowns placed on them so the tooth becomes like a natural tooth for that patient in terms of cleaning, and day-to-day functioning.

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