For almost two years, we have all been staying home as much as possible. This has been to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. While dental offices already had very strict protocols already in place to prevent the spread of diseases well before the pandemic began, we continue to be extra vigilant to ensure the safety of our patients. 

But we do continue to make improvements and have even taken our safety measures up one more notch. Let’s take a look at how we continue to keep you safe before, now and in the future so you can calm your fears. 

Following protection measures

One key is keeping hands sanitized throughout the day. This is an obvious thing that we did long before the pandemic began, but doubled down during the pandemic when hand washing was even more vital. Hand washing is also performed regardless of whether or not we were previously wearing gloves because it is one of the single most important steps in preventing disease transmission. 

Additionally, we also encourage our patients to do the same. That is why we have hand sanitizer readily available to our patients throughout the office. If you don’t see one, just ask! We’re happy to find one for you to use when arriving and leaving the office. 

Our dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and the front desk team all wear personal protective equipment as well. We ensure that everyone is wearing masks to make sure no airborne particles travel from their mouths to surfaces or other patients. That is also why we ask everyone entering the office to also wear a mask. 

Sterilization of dental equipment

Beyond the basic protective and preventive measures, we also always ensure our dental equipment is sterilized after every use. While this was a crucial part of our daily protocols before the pandemic, we still continue to go above and beyond when it comes to sterilization of equipment. We thoroughly clean dental mirrors, scalers, dental chairs and other essential instruments as well as all other flat surfaces, keyboards, office phones and other objects that might harbor germs. 

It is our mission to make sure that our patients and team are safe and healthy. Contact us at Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry to schedule your next dental appointment.