Oh no, your child has braces they’re sure to have dental hygiene issues, right? Wrong. There are definitely things you can do to maintain your child’s oral hygiene while they have braces. Your child can maintain proper dental hygiene while wearing braces with the right tools, motivation and support. Let’s take a look at how.

Mouth Rinses

This is a simple step to take for proper hygiene. Because braces can make it easier for food to get trapped in the teeth due to the wires and brackets it is important to rinse throughout the day. This can be a simple rinsing with water a few times a day to loosen trapped food or by using a mouthwash or fluoride rinse to further protect your child’s smile. Talk to Dr. Sara in North Scottsdale about what mouth rinses she recommends and how they can improve your child’s oral health.

Effective Brushing

It’s as simple as brushing daily–twice a day at minimum. Your child should still brush their teeth for the full two minutes two times a day, but it might require a little more effort. Dr. Sara can help teach your child how to properly position the toothbrush in order to successfully remove plaque. This will require your child to gently brush their gumline first, then angle the toothbrush down to brush the top part of the teeth above the bracket. Lastly, they will need to move to the bottom part of teeth below the bracket and brush upwards.

Don’t Forget to Floss

Yes, flossing can be a bit tricky with braces, but it is still an essential part of your child’s oral health care routine. Using floss aids can help your child get under their braces and remove plaque that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Keep your child’s teeth healthy by motivating them to maintain their hygiene through flossing.

Visit Dr. Sara in North Scottsdale

Even if your child is the best at brushing, flossing and other oral hygiene routines, they will still need to visit Dr. Sara in Scottsdale, AZ every six months to ensure their oral health. During these routine cleanings, Dr. Sara can remove plaque that has built up and give your child’s teeth a proper cleaning.

If your child has braces or will be getting them, talk with them about how important it is to maintain their oral health routine. Dr. Sara can help explain proper brushing techniques to your child, while also providing other helpful tips to ensure their dental hygiene is properly maintained.