It’s children’s dental health month, let’s celebrate! As your child gets to the age of learning how to brush their teeth, it’s important to establish other healthy habits to ensure proper oral health as the years fly by! Let’s face it, children grow up in the blink of an eye, start them young on the benefits of oral health! 

Starting young

Instilling a proper oral hygiene routine at a young age is crucial for your child’s oral health. We’ve all heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and while no, we are not dogs, we tend to apply that phrase to humans too. Though we can obviously learn new things as adults, it takes more of an effort. It’s not always easy to create a new habit as adults because we become so set in our ways. As children, we are moldable and ready to learn! 

You can start as early as infancy with teeth-brushing. Use a soft brush with water and rub your baby’s gums and any incoming teeth. This will get them used to the feeling and form a habit super early on. As they age, gradually include more steps. For example, by the age of 2, your child is ready to use toothpaste. Not too much, the size of a grain of rice is plenty. And make sure they spit after brushing! Make it a habit of brushing your child’s teeth, or supervising when they brush their own teeth. Going to bed with food or drink residue still in the mouth results in cavities and infection. Start them young and the habit will form easily!

Visit your dentist regularly

Visiting your dentist every 6 months is very important. Establish a good relationship between your dentist and your child. The dentist can be a scary place, even for adults! All the tools, lights, and big machines can be intimidating to a child. You may even consider scheduling an appointment where your child simply meets their dentist and chats for a bit, to make sure your child is comfortable. Keep up with these visits so your child gets used to it!

Make oral hygiene fun!

Let’s face it, brushing our teeth and flossing twice a day does not sound particularly fun. When teaching your child, make it into a game! They will find it much more enjoyable! Determine a “special” time for oral health, something they can look forward to each day! I promise it will seem much more like a game than a chore. 

Consider tele-dentistry

As the COVID-19 pandemic stands strong in America, tele-dentistry has become a great alternative. Tele-dentistry is a great alternative to regular visits. These visits are for non-emergency check-ups, and are quick and easy! In a world of technology, kids are very receptive to this type of visit. It may even be fun for them to see their dentist through a screen! Tele-dentistry is just another way to keep up with regular visits, while remaining safely at home during the pandemic. 

There are so many ways to keep your child involved in oral health! Find what’s right for them, and stick to it! Start young, and watch them flourish! Contact us at Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry to learn more about what you can do to keep your kids smiling!